“Dangerously Delicious” is more reason to love Aziz


Aziz Ansari released a new hour of standup on his website today. In the vein of Louis CK he bypassed HBO, Comedy Central, and other comedy outlets in favor of an easy $5 charge right from his own website. He plays up his smooth but awkward hip hop fan shtick and the hour breezes by in what seems like half the time. “Dangerously Delicious” also gets into one of Aziz’s funniest topics, his cousin Harris. On Ansari’s first album (the also hysterical Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening), he talks about harassing his uptight cousin on Facebook but here he goes into what it was like editing a paper for him. The jokes and the way the hour was released are just further evidence that we’re living in a golden age of comedy. Buy or stream it here. How could anyone not love this guy?

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