Don’t Kill Anyone in Front of a Parrot

Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris is probably best known for his 1988 police movie The Thin Blue Line. He also is the creator of the show First Person and the new doc Tabloid, about a beauty queen involved in a kidnapping scandal. First Person is a show that unfortunately falls in the category of going off the air far too early, but many of the episodes are available in their entirety on this new website called YouTube.

Every episode details an uncommon event or tells first person account of someone involved in a range of weird happenings, it could be about being stalked or an interview with the person who has the highest IQ in the world. One episode (titled “The Parrot”) is about a murder that takes place in a home where the only witness might have been the victim’s parrot because when the animal is rescued it cries out, “RICHARD NO NOOOO!”

Here’s both parts of the episode:

On a slightly related note, here’s a short video from naturalist David Attenborough that shows sounds of the lyre bird. It can convey a camera, chainsaw, and a car alarm shockingly well. The good stuff starts at 1:40 in:

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2 Responses to Don’t Kill Anyone in Front of a Parrot

  1. harry says:

    the fiancee is/was pretty hot

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