Media’s Effect on Music

It seems to have started with the Internet. Somewhere along the line the weight music carries has started to dwindle. It’s great that the music industry is on its head, but the amount of respect we give music has been thrown out of whack with it.

Prices are lower. Actually, sometimes it’s almost harder to actually buy music now. With that unrestricted access to any album ever, the impact that single pieces of work has been compromised. There’s not any time to digest new music and revisit it later. Only focusing on what’s new is a shallow, shortsighted way of viewing how music is released.

Here’s the thing, most people probably don’t even care about this. That’s good. As music blogs and websites gain more traction, though, less people will be listening to what came out two years ago in favor of what comes out next week. There’s always hype that surrounds new artists up until around their album comes out and then poof, nothing new about them until the bassist leaves.

When’s the last time you heard about Lana Del Rey? Her SNL debacle happened right before her album Born To Die dropped and now the headlines are onto Fun. I’ve had this idea about resisting trendy new groups brewing for a while, but still couldn’t help listening to Fun. They sound like Glee mixed with the boring side of indie rock. Their album, Some Nights, is predictable and too tense to be any “Fun” at all.

The amount of coverage Fun. has been getting is astounding. Their biggest influences are probably Queen, ELO, and MGMT. Unlike those bands, Fun. hasn’t had a chance to really implement themselves into people’s psyche. The best music takes time to sink in. Albums sound the best after you haven’t heard them for awhile, not when your streaming it through a computer. Audiences seem to be forced into choosing sides. Music isn’t a competition and bands rip each other off all the time. Now, comment sections on every website are a warzone. Why? Who cares?

Just because Fun. isn’t for me doesn’t mean I can’t see why people like them, I can. The thing is this, they’ve been marketed by new media as a sensation that’s going to take over the world. Maybe they will, right after Lana Del Rey, Beach House, and Panda Bear.

Now get off my lawn.

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