Todd Snider is back with “Agnostic Hymns and Stoner Fables”

Todd Snider is a road dog folk singer who released a great new album today. It’s called Agnostic Hymns and Stoner Fables and I want to stress that I’m calling it “great” for the sake of the future. For me, every Todd album is a grower. At first it sounds silly and unifinished but it’s always that album I seem to come back to when I can’t find anything else to listen to. After a few run throughs, it’ll become one of my favorite records (or, more accurately, mp3 playlist).

Snider is a big time hippie. On his 12th album he sings about trailer park murder, not having a job, the trouble with religion, and how he thinks kids today are psycho. Pretty much par for the course when you think of folk singers, but Todd comes off more as a buddy you want to have a beer with than a preachy Bob Dylan-type.

This might be his loosest album yet. The guitar riffs are pretty basic and there’s a fiddle to accompany to him through most of the album. It’s bluesy, sarcastic, and sometimes sounds more like it’s a live record than from the studio. He sums it up best himself, “I want to inspire them to leave home, to do things traditionally considered wrong. If you listen to my record and vandalize your school, godspeed.”

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