Young Adult


The idea of a movie centering on an unlikeable main character is still rare. That’s probably because they must be tough to make. It’d have to walk quite a tightrope in order for the audience to even care. Young Adult, starring the absolutely gorgeous Charlize Theron, is one of those movies and it succeeds with a character who would’ve fit right in with Mean Girls. It saw a limited theatrical release, but the low key comedy will certainly find a loyal audience once it’s released on DVD next Tuesday.

Theron plays a snotty homecoming queen turned author who returns to her Minnesota hometown to woo a married ex-boyfriend. She runs into old high school enemies, her family, and the handicapped Matt Frehauf, played by Patton Oswalt. I could talk about Patton Oswalt all day. Along with being one of the best stand up comics ever, he’s the best part of Young Adult. It’s a similar role to the loser he played in Big Fan only sadder. Patton meets up with Charlize Theron at a bar when she first gets back to town and tries to act as her moral compass, even though she was awful to him in high school. It’s from the creators of Juno but don’t expect a smart aleck-y teenager, this one is dark.

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