Some Obama guy is on “The B.S. Report” today


Politics are no fun. Even talkingabouta politician is difficult, even if there’s nothing political about the discussion. Now with election season ramping up, talking about President Obama is a more loaded topic than ever. ESPN’s Bill Simmons was able to sit down for a short discussion with the commander in chief and it was refreshing to not hear anything about bipartiasnship or taxes and more about ol’ Barack’s favorite character fromThe Wire.He’s got my vote just because he chose Omar.

The presidential version of The B.S. Report clocks in at 26 minutes. During it, Obama talks about how tough it is to throw a first pitch with a bulletproof vest on, keeping up with SportsCenter, shooting hoops in Iraq, and (of course) the Chicago Bulls. It’s worth a listen no matter where you stand on the economy.

Find it here or on iTunes.



Jeez, POTUS looks like he’s aged 25 years.



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