Is there more to Chris Simon’s latest tantrum?

I really want to make Chris Simon a metaphor for what’s wrong with hockey. I can’t think of one that makes any sense, much less one that sounds even reasonably intelligent. His career arc definitely could be a pretty solid metaphor for the NHL, though, even if it’s describing how the league’s changing or how it used to be. If you don’t know who he is Simon was a goon in the NHL for 15 years and currently plays for the Russian KHL.

He seems like kind of a psycho. He holds the top two spots on the list of longest NHL suspensions at 25 and 30 games. One of his suspensions was for swinging his stick like a baseball bat and the other was for stepping on another players leg. Even if that player was Jarkko Ruutu and probably deserved it it’s pretty crazy to step on someone else’s leg while your wearing a skate.

Here’s what he did in the Russian league last night:

Simon has said in the past that he struggled with alcoholism when he was younger and clearly the guy still has some issues. I’m not suggesting that he has any kind of addiction but after his NHL career and this latest incident, wouldn’t it be fair to say he might have a rage problem? When he was suspended in 2007 for swinging his ax I mean stick at Ryan Hollweg he was mad because he felt the initial check was from behind.

In both clips it’s like a lightswitch goes off and Simon just loses it. I should mention here that linesmen more often than not intervene in a fight too early. Regardless, at that point the fight is over. Simon raining punches over the three zebras trying to break up the fight is totally not cool. As you can see he totally disregards the initial two (who both seem terrified) and gives the third a hard elbow. This isn’t hockey, it’s an example of someone holding onto a sport for too long. It’s sad watching the guy struggle.

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One Response to Is there more to Chris Simon’s latest tantrum?

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    Never a boring moment with Simon on the ice 🙂

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