YouTube Mashups


I’m starting to get a little bit worried about YouTube. Even though it’s one of the best websites ever it seems like there’s too much clutter on there. It’s a great source for music, though, and even if most of the home made stuff is terrible it’s not rare to find a gem or two.

Here are a few mash-ups I found. They’re certainly no Girl Talk and there are plenty of better mashups available (way better in a lot of cases), but these’ll be hits at house parties.


The best of the bunch is this one, a combination of “Jump” by Van Halen and “Super Trooper” by ABBA:


Johnny Cash with Eazy-E:


Two of the best voices over the past few decades, Adele with Guns N’ Roses:


AC/DC and Snoop Dogg:


Alright, I have to be honest this next one is not great. It’s catchy, though, and I still can’t believe James Brown could dance like that without moving one hair on his head.


…and it just wouldn’t be right to ignore this:

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