Sabres Stream of Consciousness

Thoughts on last night’s win against the rival Bruins.

– Is Christian Erhoff really in a Sabres uniform? I remember when he was a young hotshot on the Sharks, it’s still sinking in that he’s on my team. That wasn’t a great goal but it went in. If he was a bigger bust than Leino I’m not even sure I’d care because I could watch Erhoff skate all day.

– The Bruins goal that was disallowed in the 1st period would have never been disallowed if not for the Lucic/Miller incident. If that was a make up call, keep ‘em coming:

– Say what you will about Kaleta but he can take a punch with the best of them. He gets pounded by Lucic and is yapping away before he’s even able to scrape himself off the ice. Nice shot at Chara later. Is this his best game all year? The Buffalo Softies Sabres actually seem to be showing a little bit of grit.

– Pierre McGuire is really still rambling about how Miller needs to make a certain number of saves. That’s at least the 4th time he brought it up. God, this guy is brutal. Apparently Mike Milbury has to go to the men’s room.

– The Sabres seem to finally be willing to score some dirty goals. I feel bad for Mike Weber for getting shelled by Shawn Thornton, can you say wrong place at the wrong time? HEY LOOK, TEPPO’S BEHIND THE BENCH!

– After two periods the Sabres are up by four goals, I hope they’re not comfortable yet. I’m loving this game so far. My hopes aren’t getting up, though.

– Oh, Stafford’s playing. I knew I wanted the Sabres to win but I’m surprised how happy I am to see the Bruins go down that hard.

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