Punk Rock Halftime Show

It offends me when other people are offended. Being bothered by a middle finger during the Super Bowl halftime show is a topic for people who have nothing else to be bothered by. It’s petty and stupid.

Last night’s Super Bowl was the most watched event in TV history, bringing in about 111.3 million viewers. Along with watching the game, a third of America was flipped off by M.I.A. NBC has already apologized and people are wondering what the big, bad FCC’s reaction will be. Oh no someone might get fined! Jeez Lousie, grow up already, America.

Even though she’s being criticized all over the place M.I.A.’s bird couldn’t have been more of a ballsy, rock n’ roll gesture. Hip hop and music in general is supposed to be dangerous. Before Madonna was neutered considered a safe bet for the Super Bowl half time show, she stirred up controversy in her career with the “Like A Virgin” performance on MTV, the “SEX” book, and the video where she makes out with a black Jesus. Now, she’s stale and even after her sales go through the roof after that performance, she’ll still be boring.

I know the Super Bowl is a family event, but M.I.A.’s middle finger happened so fast that I’m sure the only thing most people noticed is the blur NBC showed too late. Even if they did, are people really offended by the middle finger? Is it 1950? There are more offensive things on the cover of newspapers every morning. It seems like something people are outraged about because they think they should be outraged. I doubt anyone who’s up in arms over this story is much fun to hang out with.

The half time show is a total glitz fest by the artist. As fun as it is to analyze (well, criticize) the concert, it’s just as childish. A sparkly money grab that should never be taken seriously. It’s a show, people want it to be unpredictable. Websites covering this story last night are still bringing up the Janet Jackson incident. 100 million people watch a game with giant athletes trying to kill each other and we can’t get over a nipple pasty, or a simple middle salute. Let’s all just chill out.

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