Song Of The Day 1/21/12

Song of the day is a daily feature highlighting a specific song that might be bad ass, corny, mellow, or poppy. As long as it stands out for some reason it’s fair game.

Shwayze (feat. Adele) – “I Won’t Go”

Adele stills gives me chills. You can take my man card for saying, but her voice is so powerful and beautiful that I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t like her. “He Won’t Go” is such a great choice for a sample that I’m too busy enjoying it with a beat to pay attention to what Shwayze is saying.

But that’s not all,

Concert For George (Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Phil Collins, Tom Petty, Billy Preston, & a whole stadium of people) – “My Sweet Lord”

Like yesterday, this one is a reader submission. There are so many versions of “My Sweet Lord” that its tough to decide on what the definitive one is. This has to be in the running and in no small part because of the video below. It’s full of shots of the biggest rockstars ever and a full arena of people singing as they pay tribute to their friend a year after Geogrge Harrison’s death. Powerful stuff. Thanks Harry.

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