Smoking is Cool

Everyone by now has heard all the reason to stay away from cigarettes. Lung cancer, Bad skin, and nicotine addiction blah blah blah. There’s one thing The Truth commercials and DARE classes leave out, though, Smoking looks really cool.

I don’t smoke but not for any holier-than-thou, or smart, reason. It’s an expensive habit and stinks up everything in someone’s life. I know how terrible it is for you yet I’m still tempted way more often than I should be. If there wasn’t such a social stigma toward it, I’m afraid I might be lighting up all the time. Why do I want to suck down cancer sticks?

It’s probably a good thing the Joe Camel ads have been banned and Big Tobacco is so restricted. But for me, the best smoking ads are Don Draper, James Bond, and heroes in mystery novels. I want to be a smooth ladies man with a cigarette constantly hanging out of the side of my mouth so bad. I usually stick to a T-shirt and jeans but I could probably rock a tux, right?. In no way does smoking ciggs ever affect the way these debonair characters and if it was real life James Bond would always be trying to catch his breath. Instead, beautiful women flock to him. Plus, the health risks only take time off the end of your life.

I’m addicted to coffee and apparently a cigarette with a cup of joe is the best thing ever. There’s a romantic image I always float around in my head of a journalist or detective puffing away at a desk late at night while they pound away on a typewriter. After a long day of hunting down John Dillinger I’d leave the office, throw on my un-ironic fedora, and decide if I want to get dinner with my wife at home or mistress in a shady downtown apartment.

I know James Bond and Don Draper live in the past. I don’t care. Even if I puke everyday from straight whiskey and a carton of cigarettes, I want into their club.

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