Song Of The Day 1/19/12

Song of the day is a daily feature highlighting a specific song that might be bad ass, corny, mellow, or poppy. As long as it stands out for some reason it’s fair game.

Blackstar – “Definition”

Sometimes the best songs are the ones you don’t notice right away. I’ve heard this song countless times (note: the play count category in my iTunes lists this song at a total of 4 plays) and the reason I like it so much is because of what I call the “improv potential.” Everyone takes advantage of improv potential (I’m not trying to sound smart by citing the term, I literally made it up for the sake of this sentence), it’s when you make up your own lyrics to the beat of a song. The improv potential to “1,2,3/ Mos Def and Talib Kweli/ We came to rock it onto the tip top/ Best alliance in hip hop…” is huge.

And by the way, is there anyone cooler than Mos Def?

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