Is Lana Del Rey Really That Bad?

Lana Del Rey is a breaking new singer that has been all over the Internet for the past little while. Her album isn’t due out for another couple weeks but she has already appeared on Saturday Night Live. Her performance bombed… big time. There are bad reviews about it all over the Internet, even from NBC news host Brian Williams. There really isn’t anything too notable about Del Rey, but the news story says more about where the media and music fans are today than the artist.

Part of the reason the backlash has been so huge is because everyone feels the need to comment on the story and its not easy to disagree with the majority. Del Rey may not be the most exciting singer ever, but she has an effectively spooky voice and certainly isn’t altogether terrible.

Williams said, “Lana Del Rey had one of the worst outings in SNL history last night, booked on the strength of her two song web EP, the least experienced musical guest in the show’s history – for starters.” Really? It was worse than Ashlee Simpson getting caught lip synching? First of all, I’m a Brian Williams fan. Even if he comes off a bit uptight, he’s the best news anchor on TV. But by the same token, he’s by no means a musical authority. Also, he’s probably not aware how quickly artists gain notoriety in the Internet age. Drake’s first album was so hugely anticipated because of his 7-song mixtape’s popularity. Seven songs. Williams seems to be criticizing Del Rey for being on SNL despite being so inexperienced. Is it her fault she’s inexperienced? As a young artist trying to market herself, wouldn’t she be stupid to refuse a request from Lorne Michaels and co.?

Her performance was boring. The musical guest is never the best part of SNL, though, and frankly the show isn’t even worth watching anymore unless the host is out-of-this world funny (see: Galafianakis, Zach). I wonder how many people are criticizing Del Rey solely because she’s already being criticized. I doubt many watched the performance live and were so outraged by an understandably nervous, young singer that they had to get online immediately to vent.

Indie music snobs are unbelievable. I admit that I have trouble getting into artists if I doubt their authenticity. In this case, though, it seems like the music geeks are searching for a beef to have with Del Rey. Plenty of highly touted artists are purely hype and she hasn’t even had a chance to get her career started. People like what they like, who cares.

Lana Del Rey – “National Anthem”

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One Response to Is Lana Del Rey Really That Bad?

  1. WayWordBound says:

    I hadn’t seen this video until I read your post. It was definitely not up to par but I think that it’s not gonna help any to tear her down, for people to hate on her so quickly is wrong. Great post, thanks for sharing!

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