Todd Glass Came Out on “WTF” Yesterday

I download so many albums, movies, podcasts, and other content that when I finish something I normally can’t wait to delete it so I can free up more space on my computer. What is usually a compulsion to preserve space on my hard drive today is on the backburner. Comedian Todd Glass came out of the closet on yesterday’s episode of WTF With Marc Maron and I can’t bring myself to delete the episode.

Todd Glass is a hysterical stand up who has been around for a long time. I listen to podcasts while doing normal, everyday things and when it was clear why Glass was on the show I had to stop buttering my rye toast. From then on, I couldn’t turn it off. I don’t want to give too much of the discussion away because there’s no way I could do the conversation the justice it deserves. Glass reveals how he lived the 47 years of his life in partial secrecy and delves into what finally pushed him to tell the world.

For me, the most affecting part of the interview was how raw Glass was. Anyone who listens is literally hearing the culmination of a life of confusion and fear and the beginning of an open, honest one. Glass’s anger and vulnerability are unflinching. He says a few times how deeply the recent suicides of gay teens affected and enraged him. But always the comedian (Glass has appeared on Last Comic Standing, I Am Comic, a huge array of podcasts and lots of other mediums), he can’t wait to make fun of himself and tells a funny joke about walking through a women’s shoe store. He also reminds himself a few times to be totally honest about what he’s going through. When he was stopping then talking to himself in this almost therapeutic way, I couldn’t move.

It’d be revealing for a conversation between tight friends, never mind all the listeners Marc Maron has and I challenge anyone who’s even mildly curious to check it out. If your having just a single doubt, start by pressing play and I guarantee you’ll see it through. This episode of WTF will be sticking around for a while.

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