Song Of The Day 1/15/12

Song of the day is a daily feature highlighting a specific song that might be bad ass, corny, mellow, or poppy. As long as it stands out for some reason its fair game.

Todd Snider – “Can’t Complain”

Every hardcore music fans knows of an artist that should be huge. There are two sides to that coin. One is confusion about what that artist is missing to hit it big. The other side is the sweet spot, though. That artist is their own little thing, a private club. Todd Snider is my guy. I’m not exaggerating when I say I cannot believe he doesn’t headline Bonnaroo every summer. Todd (normally writing about people using their first name is bad etiquette but Todd and I are bros, even if he has no idea who I am) plays mostly folk and crushes it on every album. His live show is part music and part story time, intertwining funny songs with even funnier stories from his “Tipsy Gypsy” mantra. He also records and releases every concert he plays. Kind of like a modern day Bob Dylan if Dylan had one fun bone in his body and named an album Peace Queer.

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