“The Killing” is laughing at us all

AMC is an arrogant network. Mad Men and Breaking Bad are incredible shows. They rank with All In The Family (because all old people say thats a great show and apparently nothing could ever be better than an old racist sitting in a recliner) as the greatest ever, but the network that spawned them has become worse than Betty Draper to her kids. Breaking Bad debuted in 2008 (interesting side note: in a recent interview Walter White Bryan Cranston said he was convinced to do the show because of his love for Mad Men) but since then the network has pushed out The Rubicon, Walking Dead, The Killing, and Hell On Wheels. Conspiracy-dud, terrible-acting-dud, melodramatic-dud, and dud-starring-Common.

Part of the reason those shows pale in comparison to Mad Men and Breaking Bad are because they expect the audience to care about the characters too early. There’s a lot of good action of Walking Dead (and TONS of people who watch it) but literally no one to root for. Nothing happens, every episode features the cast running away from a different group of zombies. I would love it if “hero” Rick Grimes (played with a healthy amount of cheese by Andrew Lincoln) was eaten alive while his annoying family looked on. The same goes for The Killing. The saddest part about Rosie’s murder was that her constantly moaning mother wasn’t killed too.

Of all AMC’s bummers, The Killing was the biggest disappointment. The show, about a detective investigating the murder of a teenage girl, should be great but in reality just spends a lot of time showing actors staring out into Seattle’s gloomy horizon. Rosie Larsen was lucky she didn’t have to sit through it. For a cop show, there was surprisingly little action and the Internet was ablaze with fury when the murderer wasn’t revealed at the end of the first season. Today, showrunner Veena Sud (welcome to my mortal enemies list, Veena) said that Rosie Larsen’s killer won’t be revealed until the end of the second season, which begins in April. She seems to be intentionally instigating her own fans. That or she’s just another product of the AMC, condescending to a loyal audience. Don Draper would never work on advertising for this network.

Full Story over at The AV Club: http://www.avclub.com/articles/the-killing-will-drag-out-the-rosie-larsen-murder,67575/

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