My Name is Jeff and I’m an Addict

There is something very powerful about watching a man vomit, pick it up off the ground, then stuff his own barf into his pocket. It happened on the Discovery Channel’s Two Weeks In Hell, about Green Beret training. I’m a spoiled college kid, so after I saw that on TV I naturally started thinking about myself. Compared to these Green Beret candidates I’m fat, arrogant, and lazy.

My biggest problem, though, is that I’ve become the personification of this generation’s short attention span. I’m constantly looking at blogs, reading websites, downloading podcasts, and tweaking my playlists. I’ve caught myself texting while people are talking to me and checking Twitter updates while watching home movies. I daydream about what is going to happen next on Mad Men. The problem has spread from not being able to put my computer down to not being able to shut my brain off. It isn’t easy to admit any of that, but Step 1 on every road to recovery is admitting there’s a problem. I doubt many of those Green Berets rush home so they can download the latest This American Life.

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1 Response to My Name is Jeff and I’m an Addict

  1. I have also seen the t serial, and it was really tuff and interesting. But about the addiction I must sayt hat I believe yore normal. It´s not you that is the problem it is our society. It has changed, and everyone has a computer, a laptop, a landline, a tv, a dvd-player, a mobile phone, an IPAD and so on… You´re just of of the world 🙂

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