Keith and The Girl: The Best Podcast Online

The most addicting and consistently funny podcast online.

Podcasts are the future of talk radio. Most of talk radio is boring, with hosts repeating the same points over and over and most personalities are totally interchangeable. Plainly put, it sucks and that’s coming from someone who likes it. Where talk radio is failing, though, podcasts succeed. They’re much shorter, easy to download (and therefore endlessly portable), and not held back by the FCC or any other party poopers.

Unfortunately, most of them are terrible. Although the diversity of podcast topics can suit anyone’s interest, most seem to be lazily done resulting in terrible sound quality or podcasters who are trying to entertain only themselves. There are great shows and the best of the best is Keith and The Girl.

It’s abrasive, offensive, and hysterical. Keith and The Girl is a daily show by stand up comedian Keith Malley and his ex girlfriend, singer Chemda. They talk about current events and add a fresh take to the overwhelming news cycle. When they talk about a particular story they go further than just discussing (and usually mocking) it. Usually the slant of the news article itself is laughed at, a gleeful undoing of smug media reporters everywhere.

Keith and Chemda often seem to be in the eye of their own hurricane. Most days feature a guest. Generally comedians, the guests vary in quality but are always a must listen. Often, if it’s the first time a guest is invited to the show their life story is picked apart by the hosts. Each time a guest comes back, they revisit personal stories discussed on the previous episode. Hannibal Burress, Marc Maron, and Andrew WK have all been on the show but the most interesting guests are often KATG fans or anyone who is in on the joke.

Comedy isn’t the right description for the show. The humor on Keith and The Girl is killer, but it should be classified under iTunes as “Honest.” Unlike most comedy podcasts the jokes come from regular conversation (just like in real life!) rather than a host sounding like they’re reaching for a laugh (COUGH! The Nerdist and WTF COUGH!). The drama of that honesty is what keeps the show going. As I mentioned before, Keith and Chemda used to date and the first few years of the show was done as a couple. When they broke up, listeners went on a ride as the show grew and changed. The hosts as they both fell into new relationships and only found more to talk about. Partly because of the personal attachment Keith and Chemda allow, many listeners have made their fan hood permanent by getting tattoos.

They aren’t afraid to admit a guest was a dud or ask about any topic. For me, the best parts of the show are when they discuss the show itself. There is a lot of confrontation on the show; between the hosts themselves, listeners, guests, and any combination of those three. The beauty of the confrontations is that they don’t at all seem to be manufactured for content, instead just a natural part of the show (like the non-manufactured jokes).

Keith and The Girl is the epitome of DIY and incredibly easy to root for. At times, it seems like less like a podcast and more like the sound of things to come.

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