Not for Couch Potatoes

Most TV shows are easy to watch. They don’t take much thought and rarely touch on the tough subjects people really have to deal with. The best ones, though, are able to take specific struggles and make a broad audience sympathize with them. On that level The West Wing may not rank with shows like The Wire or Mad Men, but it’s damn close.  

I am slowly catching up with the show and had no idea how attached to President Bartlett and his staff until the rousing second season finale. I literally cheered out loud with tears in my eyes.

It’s not a show to watch at the end of a long day. Almost every episode of The West Wing deals with a hot button issue and always explains both sides of partisan arguments. Can it be a little bit, nay, really corny sometimes and hopelessly optimistic? Definitely. But my only problem with the show is that it makes me want to turn off the TV and do more with myself.

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