Losing To Pandora

I was originally going to write a smarmy post about how Internet radio sites aren’t all their cracked up to be. I even had a condescending headline picked out, “Beating Pandora.” I pumped up my own tires about how I’m smarter than the apparently human ears Pandora and the like use to determine the music they play. But I was very, very wrong. There are less outlets where music fans can actually hear new music rather than just read about it, but Pandora (and other Internet radio) is probably the best. I can’t explain why I’m just figuring that out now.

There has been probably 100 instances in only the past few months when I’ve asked myself, “Damn where can I find out about a band that sounds kinda like Wilco but faster?” or “Are there any bands that sound like the Beach Boys today?” The answer should have been “YES YOU FRICKIN’ RETARD. ON THAT WEBSITE THAT EVERYONE YOU KNOW LISTENS TO EVERY DAY!” In writing this post I’ve discovered two new bands I’ve never heard of (make that three).

The only bummer about Pandora is that it’s no fun when you click “Add Variety.” If you add Britney Spears to a Johnny Cash station it almost plays as two separate stations instead of finding a drug addicted country pop star that sings about hangovers and prison and dancing and shaves their head but in the end is still somehow really hot. But having that as a complaint probably means I just have too much time on my hands.

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