Song Of The Day 1/5/12

Song of the day is a daily feature highlighting a specific song that might be bad ass, corny, mellow, or catchy. As long as it stands out for some reason it’s fair game.

Supertramp – “Goodbye Stranger”

If I was being honest I’d have to admit coming up with a song of the day everyday isn’t as easy as I’d originally thought. That may sound ridiculous but I listen to a lot of talk radio, podcasts, and audiobooks (nerd alert, I know). Today’s choice was a cinch. “Goodbye Stranger” is a truly great song. It might be one of the best ever because of the harmonies and just for how MASSIVE the music sounds. In that respect, Supertramp sometimes sounds like a My Morning Jacket influence.

I want to be able to insert mp3’s into these posts because I think too many YouTube videos makes my page look tacky, but WordPress charges $30 a year for that feature so Not-a-gonna-happen. Also, sometimes the YouTube videos really add a little bit to the song of the day, which I think is the case today. This one doesn’t have the best sound quality, but I like how it looks and even more the idea of someone standing in their living room filming a soundsystem.

aaaaaaand I obviously have to include this:

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