Song Of The Day 12/17/11

Song Of The Day is a daily feature that highlights a song that might be new, turned around a rough day, or a random one that just made an impact for some reason.

Paul Simon – “Gettin’ Ready For Christmas Day”

Paul Simon – “The Afterlife”

I can’t say for sure, but I think I might love Paul Simon. He’s a funny looking little guy, but a lot of his songs are so bouncy and catchy that they’re impossible to resist. These tracks open his newest album, 2011’s So Beautiful or So What.

“Gettin’ Ready For Christmas Day” is an upbeat but depressing song about people in tough situations getting ready for, you guessed it, Christmas Day. It’s one that will be stuck in your head and you may not realize how bleak the lyrics are until your singing it in the shower.

“The Afterlife” is a funny one about a guy who dies and is disappointed when he gets to heaven because he has to wait in line, but might as well hit on a few dead chicks while he’s there.



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