Tim Tebow: Quarterback, Christian, and Punk Rocker

Boldly deciding to root for one of the most likeable players in sports.

I know that having an opinion one way or another on Tim Tebow is basically a pre-requisite for being a football fan, but I’m just starting to form mine now. If anything, I’ve been turned off by him because of the constant exposure going back to his domination of the SEC, speculation through the NFL draft, and constant questions as to if and when he’d become the starting QB in Denver. But now I’m starting to root for the “Mile High Messiah,” no matter what Colin Cowherd or John Elway tell me about him.

I couldn’t care less about the guy’s religion, I’m rooting for Tebow for more of a punk rock reason. Now, Tebow doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who spends a lot of time listening to the Sex Pistols, but what he represents is akin to what mohawks and pierced nostrils represent. He’s an outsider. Every weekend another NFL player comes off as an idiot or a jackass, and Tebow seems to be neither. Football announcers and analysts are incredibly smug and dismiss any ideas about the game that aren’t already in the mainstream. For all I know Tebow’s throwing technique really is terrible, but man it is refreshing to see him win week after week and make all those analysts eat their words.

He might bring up God too often in his interviews, but how much worse is that than players using the same tired clichés like “…is what it is” and “…we just didn’t want it enough?” Is Tebow overexposed? Definitely. I’m not religious but with all the ex-cons in the league now, complaining about a player saying he loves Jesus seems like a stretch.

As a Bills fan, I was hoping they would take him just for the sake of trying something new at a position that has been painful to watch for over a decade. Buffalo has been so inept that they’ve made a whole generation of potential fans totally apathetic. At the time, Denver was criticized for drafting Tebow 25th overall, but would a few more criticisms lobbed at the Bills really have made a difference? Instead Buddy Nix used his first pick as GM on CJ Spiller, which wouldn’t have been terrible if the team didn’t already have two first-team running backs.

Bills fans, say what you will about how great of a guy Ryan Fitzpatrick is, but based on the past few weeks would you rather have Tebow backing up Fitz or Spiller at receiver?

It’s not news to anyone, but Tebow has won 7 out of his last 8 starts, gutting his team to a win or to overtime in their last possession more than once. Broncos coach John Fox said the team’s offense is “effective but not sustainable” and compared it to a college strategy. I don’t care. Tebow is winning with college offense in a league full of imitators. Even if he turns out to be the disaster the smug media predicted, at least he proved them wrong for a while.

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