The Strong, Silent Type

No one will say The Sopranos is an underrated show. As a first time viewer who’s late to the party on what many people consider the best show in TV history, it’s tough to look away from the screen a lot of the time.

For whatever reason I just never got around to it. I’ve seen the other big daddies, and to be honest I was expecting Breaking Bad, The Wire, and  Mad Men to blow Tony and company out of the water. But that just didn’t turn out to be the case, even despite the fact I’m aware of how the show eventually wraps up.

I just finished watching an episode toward the end of the fourth season that perfectly sums up what the show is all about. As great as the show has been up to this point, The Strong, Silent Type might be the best episode yet.

By this point Christopher’s drug use has totally gone over the edge and after he beats on Adriana the family decides it’s time for an intervention, leading to one of the best scenes of the series yet.

As serious as the scene is, by the end it’s impossible to not laugh out loud. Sil pushing the intervention leader out of the way and joining Paulie in kicking Christopher while he lies on the ground is as good as TV gets. Even though they’re only supporting characters, it’s amazing how many layers they have. Beating the tar out of a drug addict has never been so funny.

Meanwhile, Paulie (the best character on the show for my money) is being his naturally bizarre self by hanging a creepy picture of Tony next to a horse on his wall. His fierce loyalty and whack job quirks make him the most endearing henchman ever.

I have to get something off my chest, here. I’m rooting for Ponytail (Furio) to end up with Carmella. I hope Tony doesn’t find out I’m rooting against him and I doubt it will happen, but how much better would that make this already unpredictable show? Even though I know the end and The Sopranos is regularly mentioned with the best shows ever, it still might be a little underrated.

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