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Watch The Replacements documentary ‘Color Me Obsessed’ online now

After two decades of near silence The Replacements have shown signs of life. Earlier this year lead singer Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson collaborated on a benefit EP for Slim Dunlap and even hinted at a possible ‘Mats reunion, an … Continue reading

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Judd Apatow on pure comic rage

There’s something inherently funny about watching someone lose all semblance of self-control when they flip out. Comedians like Chris Farley and Adam Sandler made careers on playing people who might (hysterically) lose it at any moment and Bill O’Reilly’s freak … Continue reading

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Help this fan fund a documentary about the hapless Buffalo Bills

  Former Editor in Chief of National Lampoon Scott Rubin is trying to make a movie about his lifelong obsession, and depression, with the Buffalo Bills. The team (of which this writer is also a fan of, Gilmore looks okay … Continue reading

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Recording the authentic sounds of ‘Lincoln’

Lincoln is sure to see an influx of ticket sales as moviegoers hit theaters in the north and south to avoid holiday conversations. What’s less obvious than Daniel Day-Lewis’ awesome performance as the 16th president, though, is the ambient sounds … Continue reading

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Celebrate Halloween with ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space,’ the worst movie ever made

There might be no better way to spend Halloween than with a few drinks and the train-wreck that is Plan 9 From Outer Space, widely accepted as the worst movie ever made. Released in 1956 after being written and directed … Continue reading

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Indiana Jones was denied tenure at Marshall College

What follows are excerpts from a 1939 letter from the Committee on Promotion and Tenure at Marshall College to the most famous archaeologist that (n)ever lived. By Andy Bryan. Far more times than I would care to mention, the name … Continue reading

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Some absolutely killer Wes Anderson art

Bad Dads: Royal Tenenbaum by Oliver Barrett We Are Legion by Aaron Jasinski Fantastic Mr. Fox by Michael de Pippo Rushmore Beekeepers – Jesse Riggle Life Aquatic by Tracy Ching The Royal Tenenbaums by Joshua Budich Moonrise Kingdom by Dave … Continue reading

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Final trailer for ‘Arrested Development’ documentary

  The final trailer for the upcoming documentary about Arrested Development has arrived. The movie doesn’t have a release date yet but looks like it will come out around the same time the new episodes of the show hit Netflix. … Continue reading

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Official ‘Hitchcock’ trailer already has Anthony Hopkins earning Oscar talk

The trailer for Hitchcock, which is set for release on November 23, has already catapulted Anthony Hopkins into the Best Actor conversation along with Joaquin Phoenix and Daniel-Day Lewis. Starring alongside Helen Mirren and Scarlett Johansson, Hopkins looks like the … Continue reading

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Anonymous Documentary ‘We Are Legion’ Comes Out Next Month

As often as Anonymous is in the news, not many media outlets seem to have a very firm grasp on what the hacker collective is all about. First making a new for themselves by breaking into Sarah Palin’s personal email … Continue reading

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The trailer for “The Master” remembers it’s a trailer

When Netflix first broke into the mainstream I was somehow able to convince my mom to sign up for the plan that allowed you to have two DVDs in circulation at once. That way, by maintaining a strict regimen of … Continue reading

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“Borat” could cost you a year in jail in Kazakhstan

When Borat took over the world in 2006 everyone repeated the jokes and famous “MY WIFE!” so many times that the catchphrases were ruined. Somehow, unlike “I Love Lamp” or “Motorboat,” Borat’s high-pitched accent weathered all the terrible impressions and … Continue reading

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Man does nothing but watch Netflix for an entire month

This blog post will make you feel good about yourself. Mark Malkoff, who previously visited 171 Starbucks in one day and lived in an Ikea for a week, spent one month doing (seemingly) nothing but watch Netflix streaming. By the … Continue reading

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There’s a “Fraggle Rock” movie in the works

Last month we wrote about how the new Muppets movie acted as an inspiration to revisit the older ones from Jim Henson. Welp, apparently we here at WYPITW weren’t the only ones feeling nostalgic as The Hollywood Reporter just published … Continue reading

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The Real Story of the McDonalds Coffee Lawsuit

If you consider the infamous lawsuit of an elderly woman suing McDonalds, it’s amazing that so many people automatically sympathized with the biggest fast food chain in the world over a little old lady. It’s scary, in fact, because the … Continue reading

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